Finding Creative Mulch Alternatives

Jan 11th

There are numbers of mulch alternatives to bark mulch. Natural mulch alternatives can be far less expensive than having to purchase mulch every growing season for the organic landscaper. Take note of the possibilities for mulch alternatives in your own backyard. Trees shed their leaves as do many conifers are a good supply of mulch alternatives.

Great Mulch Alternatives
Great Mulch Alternatives

Grass clippings can be used as mulch alternatives if it is added to other type of mulch ingredient. The reason for this is that grass clippings do not have a free circulation of oxygen and actually can build up methane gas in larger volumes. In addition, grass clippings from lawn that have had chemical fertilizers or herbicides shouldn’t be used on fruit and vegetable gardens, nor around the base of certain flowers, shrubs and trees, depending on the strength of the chemicals in the compound.

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Check around the bases of pine and other deciduous conifers with short needles. In the natural process, these trees shed their needles and provide good mulch alternatives that protect their own roots and make great mulch alternative for other trees and shrubs. Be aware, though, that pine needles do contain minimal amounts of pine tars in the sap. For some flowering plants, this can be a problem.