What is the Wood Mulch Chip

Dec 19th

Wood mulch chip is a type of protective cover for the earth, made by cutting a piece of wood in wood chipper. It can be done by building waste, such as branches of a tree, or by grinding tree stumps. It is derived from almost any type of wood, but commonly from many species of pine trees.

Red Mulch Product
Red Mulch Product

This product can be cut into long, thin flakes, chips or nuggets thick round. The size of this natural mulch is depending on what the intended use is for it. Wood mulch chip that is thin and long is typically used in flower gardens or beds; round nuggets around trees and shrubs; and large chips to cover large areas where weeds or erosion can be a problem.

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Wood mulch chip is usually medium to dark brown. You can also have a reddish hue when using varieties such as red oak or red cedar. Sometimes a black dye can be added to this product. In this case, the wood chips are generally safe to use around plants, but they can be placed near runways or playgrounds to add a decorative touch.